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Download torrents, magnets, video and audio files from the Internet to Filecloud.Fun

Transcode and Stream Media to Any Device

Transcode downloaded files and stream media directly to your smartphone, tablet, PC, TV or any DLNA or Apple AirPlay compatible device. FileCloud.Fun will adjust stream quality to ensure smooth streaming even on slow connections.

Instant Downloads

Unlock and speed up any content found on blogs, media, BitTorrent, streaming or storage sites.

Remote Upload

Automatically transfer any data from the web to your remote space, such as FTP or cloud storage.

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You can start with a free plan before opting to purchase a paid membership. You can always choose how long your membership will last. This flexibility allows you to opt for fileCloudFun only when you actually need it.


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The Main Advantages

Up to 10000GB

Premium accounts can enjoy up to 10,000GB, free users can use at most 10GB for free by sharing their referral link(3GB at the beginning)

Up to 30 Links at a Time

Premium account can download at most 30 links at the same time, free users can up to 5 links

Only for premium account

Monthly unlimited downloads and unlimited file count, ultra download servers, dowload speeds up to 1000 Mbps. Actual speed depends on your ISP and download sources. FREE users use shared infrastructure which can get significantly slower under heavy loads

Safe downloading of torrents

Torrents are downloaded by the fileCloudFun servers, no one can see your IP address or any other information. Your safety is extremely important to us.

Make BitTorrent downloads faster

It takes a long time to download large files by BitTorrent. Not with fileCloudFun! We’ll download your files in the blink of an eye!

Access your files anywhere, anytime

Thanks to cloud storage, you can access your files from any device with an internet connection, whether it is a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Download files from file hosters easily

Unlimited download files from nearly 70 file hosters such as, uploadedto, rapidgator, turbobit, mega,,,, gdrive (google), mediafire, mexashare, openload, tusfiles, uploadcloud, etc.

Speed Up Downloads

Filecloud.Fun will download most of your files, transcode and prepare for streaming in less than 10 minutes!


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