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Download from dailymotion at full speed without limit with Filecloudfun

With an Filecloudfun account, you have unlimited access to a wide spectrum of premium file sharing services and websites, like dailymotion. To use them, you just need to paste their link into Filecloudfun and click Fetch.

Premium file sharing services provide faster downloads compared to free services and they offer premium content that is not available to free users.

Setting up an account for all of these premium file sharing services bears a lot of disadvantages, including the costs, the problem of managing all of the credentials (usernames and passwords) and the flat-out security and privacy risks that connecting to these services entails.

Filecloudfun spares you the pain by doing all the hard work and stepping in between you and file sharing websites, like dailymotion. Your privacy will be fully protected, while Filecloudfun connects to the service.

You don’t need any premium dailymotion account. You can benefit from our infrastructure with dedicated high-tech servers and unlimited bandwidth.

Filecloudfun is a free download service, a web downloader.

All premium features

Unlimited speed
Remove all limitations
Wordwide server network
Support http, https, ftp, metalink, etc.
Secured downloads with https

Download any torrent files

Use our super-fast torrent feature! Let our servers do the heavy lifting without exposing yourself to the torrent network. No need to download or install any additional tools – it works secure and protected in your browser.

Leech from filehost sites

Your Filecloudfun memberships lets you download from dozens of filehost sites. No need for additional subscriptions or captchas.

At most 5000GB cloud storage

For every link you generate, you have the option to either stream it directly or collect it in your cloud. Additionally, the cloud function shows your fetched Torrents, Filehost and Youtube files.

Almost Unlimited Streaming and Downloading

We have no traffic Limits on Streaming Hosts, Torrent and Cloud Downloads. Only some filehost downloads are limited.

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Use filecloudfun to download Torrent

Filecloudfun’s native integration with BitTorrent offers a secure Torrent experience without the need for a Torrent client.

Normally, to download a file from the BitTorrent network, you need a Torrent client, like µTorrent, qBittorrent or Deluge.

Filecloudfun’s BitTorrent functionality offers the flexibility and availability of an SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, combined with the easy download process that made BitTorrent popular.

With Filecloudfun’s easy integration with the BitTorrent network, you can download any Torrent file and let us worry about security. Our dedicated team of security experts and software engineers will take care of the heavy lifting and secure the network.

In essence, Filecloudfun acts as a cloud-based Torrent client and fetches data from the BitTorrent network, without compromising your privacy or network performance.

Filecloudfun’s BitTorrent engine supports links leading to .torrent files as well as magnet links. However, Filecloudfun will not seed your data and participate in BitTorrent distributions. You can simply upload .torrent files to Filecloudfun and our special in-house BitTorrent engine will download your desired file.